Twenty-two Minus Two

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A new year cometh, but what of the old
Will it be memorable, will it be forgotten
This world still reals from a virus untameable
Governmental authoritarians whom wish to control
We the people deserve to be heard
Never dominated, never subdued, never lied to,
But our countries present leaders are corruptible fools,
Blatantly flouting their own goddamn rules
They order us to do this, while they do that
Hiding the bloody facts within subterfuge

Now we are into twenty-two minus two
So, questions unanswered
Are what do they plan to do next
How many more threats, how many more lies
Will they improvise and tell
Before hopefully, they do fall
For even now they still hide,
Their true intentions within their hypocrisy
Will this year see change?
Will it bring us together?
Or are we in for the same old BS
Delivered with a false smile
By the leaders of this land

Stating the new laws
Will help, not control
While they openly plot
To change people’s rights
Will the virus be controlled?
Will COBRA have stood down?
Or will Johnson still rule
Smiling through his lies
With no damn compromise
Too protected by his cronies
Above any law of this land
Steadfastly domineering out of control
That is the nightmare in what is foreseen
A country no longer free, which is obscene
Controlled by the one percenter’s
That money for honours scandal,
Donating to the government’s cause

So, what will be the outcome
In three hundred and sixty-five days
Cometh twenty-three minus two
For this land of red, white and blue



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T.J. Hübner

T.J. Hübner

Poet, Author, Writer and Ex-Caregiver — Dementia and Caregiver advocate. Lone wolf who has found his voice.