Innocence of Souls

T.J. Hübner
Feb 7, 2024



Photo by Hulki Okan Tabak on Unsplash

In the depths of history
Were marvels of mystery
An alchemy of magic
Within beliefs, so tragic
Warlocks' and witches
Hiding from Salem’s snitches
A period, forever dark
Awaiting hell fire’s spark
The wrath of the clergy
Overlooking the spiritual theurgy
Only seeing the devil’s influence
Evoking a dance, so promiscuous
Instead of simple pagan celebration
Of the wiccan initiation
The trials and tribulations
Behind secretive declarations
Then cometh deaths curse
Recited in puritan verse
Drowned, burned and hung
As hymns were sacrificially sung
An innocence of souls
Killed for religious controls
By the ignorance and sophistry
Now recalled as history

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T.J. Hübner

Poet, Author, Writer and Ex-Caregiver — Dementia and Caregiver advocate. Lone wolf who has found his voice.