Heaven and Hell

T.J. Hübner
2 min readSep 15, 2023

A ‘Stornello’ Poem ( #TeachMeTuesday )

Photo by Vasily Kozorez on Unsplash

The sun dips majestically out of sight
with the coming of a cooling new fall night
and poetic twinkling dancing firefly light

Absence of summer’s glorious warming heat
his heart drifts off into a new calming beat
relaxing unfocused on a swinging seat

This aged soul who longs for a machine of time
so, he can relive his adolescent prime
when his life was filled with nothing but playtime

Memories of childhood rush around the mind
a picture show of youth’s agelessness defined
flickering year by year to gently remind

A weary tired body aching with sorrow
that every granted new unknown tomorrow
is simply just a moment we do borrow

Eyes close upon this nested night of delight
then awakened by serene heavenly light
and familiar voices saying you’re alright

He comes face to face with his loved one’s once-lost
now his immortal soul, bodiless has crossed
beginning a new chapter without a cost



T.J. Hübner

Poet, Author, Writer and Ex-Caregiver — Dementia and Caregiver advocate. Lone wolf who has found his voice.