Heartbreak and Disappointment

Photo by Poppy Thomas Hill from Pexels.com

I walk this life alone
wandering its broken
path of dreams,
winding through
a dark forested abyss
of my own insecurities.

My tree lined barricade
built to protect myself
from heartbreak
and disappointment
that hunts me
upon every turn.

Those blows that
show no wounds,
but are still felt deep
within the soul unseen
by stranger’s eyes.

My manic and depressive
ghost locked within,
doing battle for control
of an inner mental state
that does quietly
and covertly berate.

Telling the subconscious
sleeping me, you’re not
worthy of existence
and deserve the
psychological dungeon,
you reside within.

Each day I sorrowfully
plead on bended knees,
dark forested abyss
please release
my battered soul.

Let my broken mind
soar and be reborn
to fell my barricade,
opening my heart anew
amidst a stable psyche
where my path no longer
meanders in solitude.

Set me free to live
again, amongst the
mortal world free
from insecure manic
and deathly thoughts,
which in my darkest hours
do push me to the edge
ready for you, the abyss
to claim my body,
mind and soul for eternity.

Oh, please great abyss
take pity on me and
relinquish your control.



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