Filled with Forgiving

T.J. Hübner
2 min readDec 25, 2023

Children’s Smiles

Photo by Marcus Cramer on Unsplash

The bells sing a song
Of hope eternal
With each chime and dong
At midnight, nocturnal
Ringing in the festivities
The season’s magical glory
Wrapped up in activities
Around the nativity story

The skies filled with snow
Streets layered and white
Decorations all in a row
Oh, what a wonderful sight
From ground up to the rafters
Christmas day is now here
Children’s smiles and laughter
Loved one’s close, so dear

Presents under the tree
Opened with excitement
Eyes glowing with glee
From delight and incitement
Santa’s fulfilled their wish list
Stockings packed to the brim
Not a single thing missed
All done with a hymn

O’ holy night plays aloud
A room of pure love, reunited
Wrapped in a majestic shroud
Joy and merriment ignited
Log fire burning bright
Toes all cosy and warm
Families snuggled…



T.J. Hübner

Poet, Author, Writer and Ex-Caregiver — Dementia and Caregiver advocate. Lone wolf who has found his voice.