Amongst the Divine

T.J. Hübner
Feb 1, 2024



Photo by Shlomo Shalev on Unsplash

Skipping through the stars
Past Venus and Mars
Wrapped in moonbows
Time appears to be froze
The heartbeat slowed
Listening to a lover’s ode
Spiritually penned
Majestically it does blend
The feelings of the day
Carried, so far away
Words that do flow
Within heavens purity of glow
Speaking of eternal duality
Interlinked mortality
A oneness of souls paired
A lifetimes happiness declared
Perseus and Andromeda’s story
Depicted in a poetic oratory
A millennium spent apart
In a constellation of art
The circle of birth to death
First to last breath
Life, love and loss
Through it we all do cross
Till before serenities gate
We stand and wait
For permission to shine
Amongst the divine



T.J. Hübner

Poet, Author, Writer and Ex-Caregiver — Dementia and Caregiver advocate. Lone wolf who has found his voice.